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Phoenix Ultimate Academy's mission is to provide opportunities for Philadelphia area youth of all backgrounds, ages and skill levels to learn more about the sport of ultimate from professional caliber players and instructors. In addition to teaching rules and techniques of the sport, we focus on developing skills in communication, respect, body awareness, self-advocacy and conflict resolution, which are critical both to the sport of ultimate and for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Camp Safety Procedures

Safety and well being has always been a priority for the Philadelphia Phoenix, and with the onset of COVID-19 it is at the forefront of our organization. We also believe in the value of physical activity in addition to the ideals of communication, teamwork and sportsmanship ultimate offers. Working with our medical team, as well as CDC recommendations, we have developed a plan and procedures to ensure the safety of all campers, families and staff. The following COVID-19 Safety Protocols will be implemented at all camps and clinics until further notice:

  • Before each day of camp/clinic, parents must complete a COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire. Any campers exhibiting symptoms will not be permitted to attend camp/clinic until cleared by a doctor.
  • If any family member of a camper is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, all campers are to stay home until cleared by a doctor.
  • Parents and family members are asked to wear face masks and maintain six-feet distance from others during drop-off and pickup.
  • Temperature checks, using a laser thermometer, will be conducted on all campers and instructors at the start of each day/event.
  • All instructors and campers are required to wear masks within 6 feet of other campers/staff.
  • At the start of each session an instructor will explain distancing, hand washing and other safety rules.
  • Activities will be performed in small groups with the same campers and counselors whenever possible.
  • Discs and any other shared materials will be sanitized at the start, middle and end of each day.
  • Regular breaks will be given for hand washing and/or sanitizing, including after every drill or game that involves touching a shared disc.
  • Six-feet of distance will be maintained throughout the camp/clinic, including drills and games whenever possible.
  • There will be no high fives, fist bumps and other unnecessary contact.
  • There will be no marking during any gameplay or drills.
  • There will be no use of shared pinnies.
  • There will be no sharing of food or water bottles.
  • If snacks are provided, only individual prepackaged items will be given.

Please email with any questions regarding our new camp safety procedures. 

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